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With our diverse class offerings, which include tumbling, stunting, flexibility, strength, jumps, dance, and performance, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your child! Our expert instructors tailor each session to nurture budding talents and develop technically-sound skills in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Unleash your potential and join our vibrant community today!




young female athletes working on strength

How Classes Run

Most of our classes run in 4-week sessions. We offer classes for tumbling, flexibility, stunting, jumps, and dance open to boys and girls ages 6 & up. 

We do NOT have a parent viewing section! We are working on getting a public link generated from our cameras placed throughout the gym. All adults in our building must pass a background check, and are USASF safety certified in what they are coaching. Think of it this way: You don't watch your kid's every move at school throughout the day. This coaching strategy helps kids stay focused on their instructor while allowing children to learn and grow in a more comfortable setting and "own" their experience. Plus, many adults' excuse for why they don't go to the gym is because they are scared to walk in alone. We try to normalize the nerves and support them throughout the experience!


For shy and/or hesitant kids, we allow parents to ease their child into our class settings by remaining present in the facility the first couple classes. Athletes new to classes also wear a special wristband that allows our instructors to keep a closer eye on them, and find you to briefly after if they have time to let you know how class went! Please note, our instructors typically are teaching back-to-back classes. If you have a specific question or would like to hear how it went, please send an email to set up a call!

Motor City Cheer Facility

What to Expect

1. Athletes should wear athletic clothes that are easy to move in, and sneakers. Don't forget to bring a water bottle! 
2. Look for the door with the raised porch... That is the door your athlete will EXIT the building. Athletes ENTER the building at the bottom of the steps, through the door labeled "ATHLETE ENTRANCE". 

3. Athletes wait off the floor until their coach comes to get them for warm-ups. Kids nervous to wait alone are welcome to bring you along until class starts. If they are still nervous, you are welcome to stay and watch the first couple classes. After three classes, if your athlete still cannot get through class without you present, we recommend looking into Private Lessons. 99% of athletes are fine after the first two classes!

4. Instructors will call out for each class, and every class begins with a simple warm-up and stretch. Athletes follow a lesson plan that is developed by our Tumbling Director, ensuring they receive consistent, quality instruction. Our classes use a combination of mental and physical drills, exercises, stations, and progressions. 

5. Athletes will leave out the front door at the top of the porch, or wait inside the building at the desk for their ride to arrive.

*Please note, we do not have a consistent desk worker right now. We are working on getting someone to be at the front desk all hours we are open. In the meantime, if you do not see someone at the desk, please send an email with your message or request a phone call. Coaches are not available to chat during their hours of instruction. We appreciate your patience as we work to hire a front desk person! 

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